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Thank you for your interest in our work. Below you will find samples of marketing and development communications for corporate and nonprofit clients covering a wide range of applications from advertising to direct mail in both print and web media.

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Trumpf Ad Campaign

Trumpf, USA - Ad Campaign

Trumpf, a global leader in metal fabricating equipment, was virtually unknown in North America. Rubicon designed this eighteen-month advertising series to stand out from the feature-driven ads typical of trade publications by employing abstract imagery and a sophisticated monochromatic look. This not only gave Trumpf an instantly recognizable brand but also helped to satisfy management’s "high-end" perception of the company. Back to Top

Team Challenge Ad Skins

Team Challenge - Website Ad Skins

Team Challenge is a sports event based fundraising program for the the national nonprofit organization Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA). CCFA asked Rubicon to design online advertising assets to promote their upcoming events and to increase participation. The challenge was also to promote the destinations, a major draw, and to increase awareness in the Team Challenge brand. Our solution was to create website skins, ads and mobile ads that worked together, each one focusing on a different aspect to promote. A strong, vibrant, visual identity based on the blue and orange of the Team Challenge brand helped to tie everything together and reinforce the brand. Back to Top

Wadsworth Atheneum Direct Mail Solicitation

Wadsworth Atheneum - Direct Mail Solicitation

The Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford, CT is the oldest public art museum in the United States. They asked Rubicon to design a set of materials to announce the opening of three blockbuster shows while taking advantage of increased foot traffic to solicit new members. Rubicon’s solution was a series of self-mailing "super" postcards with a built-in response vehicle. Each postcard promoted the primary message announcing the show and a secondary message explaining the benefits of becoming a member. Back to Top

Uconn Recruiting Brochure

University of CT - Student Recruiting Brochure

The College of Liberal Arts (CLAS) at the University of Connecticut believed high school students considering UCONN perceived the college as being outdated, or a place where you went to get your general education credits out of the way. CLAS wanted to change that perception by letting students know they are the "core" of UCONN as the largest college on campus with a wide range of departments offering dynamic study abroad and research opportunities. To help get the message out Rubicon designed a recruiting brochure to be given to prospective high school students. The brochure had to excite the student but provide enough information for the parent. Rather than list every department of study, building, and piece of research equipment, we chose to create a conceptual piece to evoke emotion. Abstract images of CLAS buildings and students helped to set the mood that this college was dynamic and different. Even the physical size of the brochure was different. Minimal copy was employed to tell the narrative and entice students to learn more. Back to Top

National Urban League Capabilities Brochure

National Urban League - Capabilities Brochure

The National Urban League approached Rubicon Design to create a capabilities brochure for the president of the organization to use in high level meetings. The president wanted a brochure that would provide quick and easy access to information and could be easily updated year after year. Our solution was a brochure that is modular in both content and design. The content was broken out into the four main problems facing their constituents and how the organization is helping to solve those problems. These sections could be referenced separately or together to suit the interest s of the audience during the meeting. Generous use of photography from the field helped to tell the narrative of an active organization engaging the public and government. Creating a hand size brochure with a plastic coil binding made it both manageable and easy to update as new information became available. Back to Top

IRC Capital Campaign Brochure

International Rescue Committee - Capital Campaign Brochure

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a large relief organization operating in countries all over the globe. After embarking on a two year capital campaign they needed fundraising collateral to support the development department's efforts during the public phase of the campaign. The IRC wanted a brochure that explained the need for funding to prospective donors. The brochure also had to communicate the five core competencies of the IRC's work in a way that could be customized to suit the individual interests of donors. Rubicon's solution was a large format brochure to emphasize the scale and importance of the campaign. The brochure was constructed to house smaller tri-fold inserts, one for each of the five core competencies. One or more of these inserts would be included by the presenter to customize their presentation to what mattered most to the donor. Back to Top

A Touch of Football Program Branding

A Touch of Football - Program Branding

A Touch of Football is a sports event based fundraising program for the the national nonprofit organization Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA). Being a chapter based organization, CCFA needed to set up individual websites for each of the chapters participating in the program. To promote the event the chapters would also want to create various promotional materials. To do this effectively and maintain consistency across the chapters, CCFA needed a brand look for the program and asked Rubicon to help. The challenge was to create a new program brand that would be compatible with CCFA's other program brands and maintain a "Family Look." Rubicon built upon the core colors of blue and orange used in the other program brands and created a theme specific logo. The strong color contrast and simple graphic style not only evoked images of early college gridiron but provided easily reproduced graphics across a wide range of media for chapter use. Back to Top

Various Logo Designs

Logo Design

Logos are at the heart of brand design and corporate identity. Rubicon Design has created many logos for a wide variety of companies and programs across many industries. We take the time to understand what makes a company or program unique and deliver a design that is current, able to stand the test of time, and compatible with the technology of the day. Back to Top